Angie Bray-Widner - Ceramic Artist

With many diverse paths to follow in life, we can only be truly happy when we walk the path that resonates with our heart. Despite pursuing art and music passionately until college, Angie’s academic success swayed her to obtain advanced degrees and careers in science and accounting. Since awakening to her art and founding Happier Facts in 2008, Angie has focused her time and energy on creating through various media. This reconnection brings her significant peace and happiness which she shares through her art and healing work.

She has drawn and painted in vibrant colors, expressing movement and symbolism, for much of her life. To her delight she has been able to translate her painting palette and movement style into her pottery. The wind, Ponderosa pine trees and mountains of her home in Flagstaff serve as inspiration, tools, and symbols in her work.

Angie creates in ceramics, acrylic on canvas, watercolor, ink, graphic design, photography, digital imagery and even piano-based compositions. Whichever media chosen, Angie strives to express a sacred or ancient connection through symbols, vibrant colors and movement. Her current focus is ceramics with symbolic graphic images she designs and silkscreen-transfers on the clay. Most of these pieces also have Ponderosa pine trees textures and lines expressing the Flagstaff feel.

You can find her ceramic work at The Artist Gallery in downtown Flagstaff. Buy custom ceramics and tie-dye silkscreened fabric art at or by visiting her website