Bob Dalegowski - Watercolor Artist

I love the land, especially the Grand Canyon; colorful monuments and drainages draped with ever changing light and shadow, the adventure and solitude of labyrinth depths, the sullen/ shining river. This tale of epic changes to the land is presented through the majesty and drama of an immense and complex landscape through which I have hiked, climbed, floated, and painted for more than 50 years of intimate observation and experience

I love to paint; it is my meditation, my celebration, my renewal, my communication. My art is and always has been an essential part of my life. Years of experimentation with watercolor and plein air painting has evolved a unique style of controlled and colorfully interpretive brush calligraphy.

Combining these elements inspires me to visually express the essence and light of moment and place. Perspective, inspiration, and motivation from the great outdoors. Share my vision at the Artists' Gallery in historic downtown Flagstaff.