Nancy Foo - Jewelry Artist

Canyon Flower
“Flowers are Earth’s jewelry”

Born in New York, I was fortunate to grow up in the Arizona desert. My stumbling adventurous start in jewelry began by collecting pebbles, stones and rocks. I then tumbled, polished and glued the stones into settings, or hid the gems in my treasure box.

Off to college: ASU to study Fine Arts, then NAU with an emphasis in jewelry.

My husband, children and I were a few of the lucky to live at the Grand Canyon for 22 years. The glorious colors and shifting canyon light were and are an inspiration to my design and imagination.

I use the sleekness of smooth metals, add textures and patinas to change the metal’s surface. Stones, crystals, pearls, rough, faceted, translucent, opaque, precious, semi-precious or earthy…all form dimension and color to each jewelry piece.

Metals: Sterling silver, fine silver, 14K gold-filled, copper, bronze and brass.

Techniques: Forging, forming, soldering, etching, riveting…

Favorite tools: My hands.