Lee Hughes -Wood Artist

CobbWood owner, Lee Hughes, sees more than just a piece of wood. He envisions bowls, candlestick holders, platters, vases, coasters and just about anything else. Lee is self-taught. He has worked with wood in one form or another throughout most of his life. His passion is turning. Lathe work allows the wood to "speak" to him and stretches his imagination. He loves working with local Ponderosa, Aspen, Elm and Mesquite. Exotic hardwoods such as Bubinga, Zebra, Canary and Purple heart woods challenge him yet the products are truly a work of art.

Just as nature's wood is unique, each piece Lee produces is unique with no two pieces exactly alike. Born in blustery Missoula, Montana, Lee has spent the last thirty plus years in Flagstaff with his wife and two children. He has a Bachelors Degree from Northern Arizona University in Radiological Technology and retired from Flagstaff Medical Center.