Sonja London-Hall -Glass and Mixed-Media Artist

Artist Statement

Of all the art forms to love and work with, glass offers the most versatility. By nature it compels light to work its magic through it. We can see a sunset or deep pool of water gazing into glass. It can represent mood, dimension, history, time, and potential. Nothing as a craft gives me more pleasure than exploring the many dimensions possible with glass. It is a craft I continue to explore and develop. It is a community of makers like no other.

Artist Bio

Sonja London-Hall was born in the small and now defunct Arizona mining town of Ray, Arizona. At a very young age her art took the form of music and performance. She was an outstanding musician which awarded her a full scholarship to attend Arizona State University, School of Music. Her undergraduate degree was a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education and performance with English and technology as a minor. Sonja has been involved in education for 30 years in music, science, adult education, administration, and ELL instruction. She achieved two masters’ degrees from Northern Arizona University and is certified in k-12 education and school administration.

For the past 23 years Ms. London-Hall has studied stained glass art. Art forms in glass were initially Arts and Crafts period pieces in the style of Dard Hunter. Sonja was juried into her first exhibit for the Riordan Mansion Centennial in 2004. In the same year she was juried into her first art gallery. She has been exhibited since then in five Northern Arizona Galleries as well as had her art exhibited in regional juried art shows and competitions. Her work is has been purchased by varied art private collectors across the United States.

Sonja has studied under world known artists such as: Yorgos Papadopoulos (industrial glass), Joseph Cavalieri (glass painting, graphic design), James Malenda (enameling), Robert Dancik (mixed media), Angela Bubash (metals), Cathy Claycomb (glass), Petra Kaiser (warm glass), Jacqui Bush (glass and metal crafting); MaryAnn Devos, Lyle Rayfield (Precious metal clays); Doug Remschneider (flame working).