Marsha Owen - Watercolor Artist

I’ve been with this fine group of artists for ten years. I’m displaying mostly landscape watercolor paintings of Northern Arizona and the Colorado Plateau. Along with these are floral and still life subjects. The paintings are framed with either mats & AR glass or UV plexi or protected with a UV spray varnish. I also offer matted originals, prints and note cards.

I chose this challenging medium because of its spontaneity and breath of application. Great things often happen when you let the paint be a partner in the process. I am an avid plein-air painter both locally and in regional competitions. These paintings have a freshness that differs somewhat from my studio work. I’ve been painting for 18 years. I’m a juried member of the Northern Arizona Watercolor Society and it’s past president, a former member of the Arizona Watercolor Society with Signature status and a member of several Plein-Air painting organizations and local art groups.

My first career was in Los Angeles as an advertising agency art director. When we moved our young family to Flagstaff, I took up painting in a medium that was expressive, quick and portable. Ad design proved helpful in approaching painting with an eye for composition and color. I am able to use my layout marker skills for value studies.

I enjoy working my shifts here at the gallery because I get to meet such interesting visitors and locals. Please include Flagstaff in your travel plans but if you’re local, come downtown our gallery is worth the hunt for a parking place.