Sandy Quintanilla - Ceramic Artist

My interest in ceramics began, literally, in an instant. I was going through something of a mid-life quandary after leaving work in the social services field and I was trying to figure out what to do next. Coming up short on ideas, I considered returning to a career of working with children and families when I spotted an ad for pottery classes in the newspaper. It was an ad I had seen several times before, but that day it was a call to action.

I actually gasped and whispered aloud in the cafe, I have to do that!  I signed up immediately and took my first wheel throwing class the following Monday. Though I had never been particularly drawn to ceramics before, that evening, I fell asleep with the memory of the clay running through my fingers and waited with great anticipation for the next class. Since then, making pottery, thinking about making pottery and being inspired by pottery has dominated nearly every spare moment and, so, I began Turn of the Wheel Ceramics.

Making pieces on the wheel is one of my favorite things to do and I get antsy when I am away from it for too long. Ideas and shapes shift from day to day and the list of techniques and ideas I want to try keeps growing longer. Presently, the beauty of the unglazed clay, the texture, the richness and depth of its natural color captures my imagination. Making pottery is a meditative art that has infinite possibilities and if I am fortunate to be playing with clay into my old age, I will still be learning something new.

For me, pottery is art that has the potential to integrate into your daily life. It has the tendency to become part of your lifestyle. You might choose a favorite mug for your morning tea because the glaze speaks to you or because the way your hand fits around the cup is comforting. It is an honor for me to find that something I made with my hands has become a part of someone's daily ritual.