Linda Russell - Painter

Linda Russell has resided in Northern Arizona since 1964, painting landscapes for the last forty years. Living in Northern Arizona, with it’s breathtaking scenery has offered her an abundance of motivation and challenge. The Grand Canyon being her favorite.

With warm colors and even light, she welcomes the viewer into the Canyons natural wonder. Depicting the Canyon vistas with a bird’s-eye view that opens the painted space to a wider horizon. Her mentor, Viola Babbitt, once said of Linda’s work, “With wide open spaces, noble forests and majestic mountains of snow, she reveals the generosity of her own soul.” Her recent inspiration comes from fellow artists at the Artists Gallery where her art has been on display for the past 26 years.

Linda’s medium of choice is Acrylic. “I love the fast drying qualities and also the use of a transparent gel to move the paint and give it life and luster.”

Linda truly captures the spirit of Arizona from her own experiences living here. She has spent the last 54 years raising her family in Northern Arizona and hiking Arizona’s many beautiful trails. In her most recent years, she spends time riding Arizona’s scenic roadways with her husband of 56 years on their Harley Davidson.