Saylor - Photographer

I was given my first camera for my 17th birthday. I still own my Pentax K1000 and it is in good working order though most of what I do now is digital. I currently travel with a Canon 5D Mark ii which means I have had to collect superlight backpacking gear to compensate for the weight of my camera gear.

I spend most of my free time outside, hiking, camping and working. Wherever I go, I take my camera. There is never a reason to leave it at home. It is my faithful companion. I shoot every week, every chance I get despite the fact that I work and I’m a full-time student. I find the moments in between to do what I love best.

I have a serious obsession with the weather and I always have an eye on the radar. I follow the Arizona Monsoon storms throughout the summer. When everyone else is excited about a mild, clear day, I’m anxiously awaiting a storm.

I am imperfect therefore I minimally edit each of my photos in order to retain the soul and mood of the composition. I would rather leave an “imperfection” than I would alter it through technology.

The thing that has shaped me the most besides being an artist is being a Midwesterner. The thing the people I grew up with value most is hard work. I enjoy working hard to find and capture the photos I take. I want to present my “audience” with something familiar but unique.

Much of what I do is done in harsh environments and extreme weather. I seek places and subjects that are rarely viewed and I work to frame the “ordinary” in an extraordinary way.

My photos represent more than a fraction of a second, recorded while the shutter is open. They are composed of the day’s events or even years of settling into a landscape. Sense of place is the single most important element of my being therefore it is the most important aspect of each photograph.