Stuart Wolf - Ceramic Artist

It was once a common experience to know whose hands made the things we use. The days of the glassblower, the cabinet maker, the tailor and the like are all but gone. The anonymous nature of our possessions brings a perceptible and unfortunate coldness to our homes. It is not surprising that the things we truly cherish are frequently those to which we can attach a memory of place or person. More often than not it is only the objects of art that we live with that hold the answers to the questions of who made these things and why. It is this known origin, this connectedness with the source, that enriches these objects beyond their physical beauty.

More than two decades ago I joined the legacy of the ceramic arts, an art form almost as old as our species. Each piece I create contains my history, my sense of what is beautiful, my appreciation of the balance and symmetry that exists in nature. Organic themes such as trees and fish often grace my shapes, accentuating the form with tangled branch and sweeping fin. For reasons unknown to me, my functional pieces are often not complete until a smirking frog clings anxiously to the lip.

As my hands slowly change a spinning amorphous mass into a simple vessel, a journey begins. I create with the understanding that each piece is a gift from my hands for someone I may never meet. That my art takes me to places and homes I will never visit. That my shapes celebrate occasions of life and love whose stories I may never know. My commitment to quality and craftsmanship stems from this knowledge. I am merely a link in a life cycle whose path I only incite, whose adventures I can only imagine. Each day I celebrate my participation in this chain of events. I truly cherish being a maker of things.